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Energy Webcast - Misclassification of Independent Contractors



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Although many companies utilize the services of independent contractors to perform important work, failure to properly classify workers as independent contractors versus employees can be very costly.  Classifying workers as independent contractors is appealing to some businesses to reduce their expenses, including paying wages and benefits and withholding taxes.  However, companies should fully analyze whether classifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees is proper to avoid costly legal liability.  Recently, the oil and gas industry has been the target of litigation focused on the misclassification of independent contractors.  In this webinar, Susan Deniker and Zack Bombatch will address the following issues: 

  • The distinction between “employees” and “independent contractors”
  • The independent contractor classification tests from the Department of Labor and IRS
  • Enforcement efforts of the federal government and state governments
  • Lawsuits against the oil and gas industry
  • Best practices for classifications of workers