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    Katy Mallory, as Director of the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council, was responsible for taking to construction nearly 150 water and wastewater projects with a total value of nearly half a billion dollars. During her tenure with the Council, more than 375 projects, with an aggregate value of approximately $2 billion, obtained funding through the Council process.

    Ms. Mallory was also responsible for structuring and closing approximately 55 economic development projects, with an aggregate value of nearly $300 million.

    As Director of the Council, Ms. Mallory was responsible for two revenue bond issues, totaling over $80 million.

    Ms. Mallory established the State Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Fund (DWTRF) program, including writing the enabling legislation, regulations, and the initial EPA grant requests.


    Economic Development/Project Finance
    Ms. Mallory has extensive experience in project finance, specifically including economic development projects. Her expertise ranges from large projects with multiple funding sources to local, company specific projects. She has experience with a wide variety of borrowers, including local development authorities, regional development authorities, county commissions, non-profit organizations and private companies. Ms. Mallory is well-versed in the requirements of the various state and federal lending and granting agencies, including Small Cities Block Grant (SCBG), Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), West Virginia Housing Development Fund, West Virginia Economic Development Authority, and the West Virginia Infrastructure Council.

    Water and Wastewater Finance
    Ms. Mallory has extensive experience in water and wastewater finance. Her expertise includes the following areas:

    • State and federal funding requirements
    • Financing package structure
    • Loan documents
    • Public Service Commission filings
    • Loan program requirements
    • Project budgeting and draw processing

    Ms. Mallory is recognized as an expert in structuring projects and a catalyst for moving projects to construction.


    Ms. Mallory received her Bachelors Degree in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University in 1987. She received her Masters Degree in mechanical engineering in 1989.  She is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of West Virginia.