Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Tips III



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Welcome to the Third Edition of PA Labor & Employment Tips

Payment of Wages:

In this edition of the Pennsylvania Labor update, we will take a look at the basic requirements for payment of wages in PA.  While many of these points may seem like ?old hat? to long-time employers, it is important to periodically review the basics in order to avoid the stringent costs associated with wage payment actions in the Commonwealth.  Points to remember include:

Time Worked:

  • The time the employee is requested to be on the employer?s premises
  • Time spent traveling as part of the duties of a worker during working hours

Rest Periods:

Generally, there is no obligation to provide any rest or meal periods.

  • Employees 14 to 15 years of age who work over 5 hours must have a half hour unpaid rest period
  • Employees who have a 20 minute or less rest or meal period must be paid for the time
  • Rest/meal periods over 20 minutes may be unpaid as long as the employee is not interrupted by work during that period

Pay Date:

  • Must be within 15 days of end of pay period, with overtime paid in next pay, unless written provision or industry custom provides otherwise
  • If any portion of claimed wages is disputed, then the undisputed portion must be timely paid
  • Employees who are dismissed or resign must be paid by next regular pay date

Pay Stubs Must Include:

  • Hours worked
  • Earnings and deductions
  • Wages paid, wage rate, gross wages
  • Beginning and end date of pay period

Direct Deposit:

  • Must be requested in writing
  • Employee must receive a written record of each deposit at the time of deposit

Penalty for Wage Payment Violations, The Greater of:

  • 25% of the amount due or
  • $500 for wages not paid within 30 days of the regularly scheduled pay date or if the shortage exceeds 5% of the wages due on any two paydays in a quarter

Employees who successfully bring suit to recover unpaid wages also may collect their attorney?s fees from the employer


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