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    Paula Rauchfuss has more than 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry specifically in land, land administration, and energy software. She has extensive experience in all functions of land work, administration of records, contractual performance and processing as well as supervisory experience in leading a large and highly effective team of lease and division order analysts including mentoring, cross training, and college recruiting.

    Memberships & Awards

    Key Experience

    Responsible for SOX compliance relative to company interest and distribution of revenue. Wrote key control narratives for division order and leasehold compliance and certifications of internal compliance on behalf of the company quarterly and annually.
    Extensive experience in acquisitions and divestitures for surface, wells and leasehold involving due diligence, land brokers, defect notices, transition services agreements and adjusting manpower to appropriately support asset. Further experience in administering such activities within the appropriate records.
    Excellent experience with project management to include project budgets, gate reviews and check ins, execution of project results, and manpower planning