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    The Steptoe & Johnson Abstracting and Land Services Team identifies proper ownership of surface estates, oil, gas, and other mineral estates.  It works with a commitment to detail in both the analysis of title abstracts and in the communication of findings to the client and, at the client’s request, to the attorneys preparing mineral title opinions or title reports related to large acquisitions or other energy projects.

    Comprehensive and error-free abstracts are essential to the preparation of mineral title opinions that meet your drilling schedule and budget.  Our abstracts are more than just summaries of the title documents.  Abstracts prepared by our team will include all documentation needed by an attorney to efficiently prepare a title opinion. 

    What Sets Us Apart
    • Abstracts and mineral title opinions prepared on more than 200,000 acres in the last 12 months
    • Time-tested systems, controls, and management consistently producing quality abstracts
    • Access to title attorneys to increase productivity and reduce errors
    • The ability to start curing pre-defined title requirements prior to completion of the mineral title opinion
    • The expertise and manpower to support large scale development of energy infrastructure including power transmission and pipeline projects
    • Turn-key mineral title solutions
    Why Choose the S&J Team?
    • Flexible business model built to accommodate growth and to meet the specific needs of our clients
    • Hundreds of highly trained in-house staff abstractors, plus a national network of contract land professionals directly supported and managed by Steptoe & Johnson mineral title attorneys, providing a cost-efficient one-stop shop for mineral title opinions and other large-scale energy projects
    • Steptoe & Johnson’s staff of seasoned attorneys and abstractors has been assisting our clients with their mineral title needs for decades
    • Steptoe & Johnson’s “enhanced abstracts” will reduce total title costs, help protect exposure to title litigation, increase productivity, and minimize the need to revisit crowded courthouses to obtain additional information
    What Is In An Enhanced Abstract?
    • Copies of all documents found in the Tract Indexes
    • Copies of all additional relevant documents found in the Grantee/Grantor Indexes not reflected in the Tract Indexes
    • Copies of all relevant probate documents
    • Complete run sheets organized to each client’s custom specification
    • Adequate plotting and mapping to identify the parcel abstracted
    • Graphical chain of title flow charts 

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