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    Businesses must remain vigilant to keep up with evolving technology, while keeping data secure. Failing to follow cybersecurity laws and regulations can lead to compliance issues, data loss, and the need to notify clients and regulatory agencies.

    Through good planning, companies can create strong policies to minimize the chance of a breach, and to address any incident that occurs.


    How We Have Helped
    • Advising clients, including online retailers, on data security matters including data security program compliance
    • Responding to energy, health care, higher education, retail, and financial services industry clients’ data breaches and potential security incidents involving hacking, ransomware, and phishing and whaling attacks, providing breach notification assistance and advice on cybersecurity information-sharing
    • Drafting data privacy and security policies, procedures, and notices
    • Handling security incident investigations and responses, including data breach notifications to regulatory authorities, State authorities, and individuals
    • Addressing data privacy and security issues in contract negotiation
    • Reviewing cyber insurance policies and providing coverage advice
    • Representing banks relating to financial privacy, Bank Secrecy Act, customer and fiduciary issues
    • Investigating domestic and international cybersecurity and hacking incidents
    Team Focus

    Team members, including attorneys and other professionals, assist clients in the following areas:

    • Banking and Retail - Ed Rice and Vince Holzhall
    • Employment Issues - Jan Fox and John Callcott
    • FERC - Kurt Krieger
    • IT/Technical - Chief Information Officer
    • Litigation - John Callcott, Deva Solomon, and Monté Williams
    • Privacy - Charles Sinsel and Ed Rice​
    • Compliance - Shawn Morgan and Ed Rice
    • Internet Based Businesses - Ed Rice
    What Sets Us Apart

    The Steptoe & Johnson Cybersecurity Team helps clients:

    • Understand and comply with data privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations
    • Plan for and respond to any breach and re-evaluate existing cybersecurity plans following a breach

    Team Members

    Tammie C. Alexander

    Member, Chair, Business Department